List of bundled procedures into the critical care code(99291,99292)?

          The following services are included in "critical care clock" time when performed during the critical period by the same physician(s) providing critical care and should not be reported separately:
  1. The interpretation of cardiac output measurements (CPT 93561, 93562)
  2. Pulse oximetry (CPT 94760, 94761, 94762)
  3. Chest x-rays, professional component (CPT 71010, 71015, 71020)
  4. Blood gases, and information data stored in computers (e.g., ECGs, blood pressures, hematologic data-CPT 99090)
  5. Gastric intubation (CPT 43752, 91105)
  6. Transcutaneous pacing (CPT 92953)
  7. Ventilator management (CPT 94002-94004, 94660, 94662)
  8. Peripheral vascular access procedures (CPT 36000, 36410, 36415, 36591, 36600)
   Any services performed that are not listed above may be reported separately. For Separately Billable procedures Click Here


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  3. 93042 is also inclusive in 99291,99292