ER/ED Professional and Facility Coding Interview Questions 2017

1.      What are the new CPT codes for Moderate Sedation?
Ans: 99151, 99152, 99153, 99155, 99156, 99157 for more information Click Here

2.      What is the code for Zika Virus as per 2017 ICD 10 CM?
Ans: A92.5

3.      What are the Major changes in 2017 ICD 10 CM Guidelines?

4.      A patient presents to the ED for Right Ear pain and ED MD Exam reveals Cerumen Impaction in Right Ear and it is removed by irrigating with normal saline. What is the Correct CPT code for Cerumen Impaction Removal Procedure?
Ans: 69209

5.      A patient presents to the ED for 1st Degree burn to right hand after spilled boiling water on stove in home and ER MD Cleaned the Burn and Dressing applied and given Ultram 50mg for pain, Report Correct CPT and ICD Codes for Facility Coding?
Ans: 99283-25, 16000, T23.101A, X12.XXXA, Y92.009

6.      Code Correct CPT codes for Below Scenario:
Zofran IVP given at 11:00
Morphine IVP given at 11:00
Vancomycin IVPB given from 11:00 to 13:00
0.9% Nacl 1000ml given from 11:00 to 14:00
Ans: 96365, 96366, 96375*2, 96361

7.      A patient Presents to the ED for Cardiac Arrest and CPR performed for 15mins, ED MD documented 75 mins Critical care time including procedures performed time. Report the Correct CPT & ICD codes for Pro & Fac?
Ans: For Pro: 99291-25, 92950, I46.9
         For Fac: 99291-25, 92950, I46.9
For above Scenario If MD documents 75 mins Critical Care time Excluding Procedures performed time. Report the Correct CPT & ICD codes for Pro and Fac?
Ans: For Pro: 99291-25, 99292, 92950, I46.9
         For Fac: 99291-25, 99292, 92950, I46.9

8.      As per 2017 ICD 10 CM guidelines code below Scenario:
Patient Diagnosed with DM Type 2, CKD stage 4 and A.Fib
Ans: E11.22, N18.4, I48.91

9.      Which procedure are bundled in Critical Care?

10.  Which Procedures are not bundled in Critical Care?

11.  Patient lives in Nursing Home this comes under which history?
Ans: Social History

12.  Laceration Repair Coding Guidelines?

13.  What are the guidelines for coding Complex I&D Procedure?
Ans: For coding Complex I&D we need any one of the Following guideline in Procedure Note

  • Packing with Gauze
  • Multiple Abscess I&D
  • Blunt dissection to Breakup Loculations

14.  How many Review of Systems (ROS) required for 99285?
Ans: 10 or More Review of Systems

15.  What is the CPT code for EKG 12 lead performed in ER and Interpreted by ER MD for Pro & Fac?
Ans: For Pro 93010 & For Fac 93005

16.  What is the CPT code for ED visit with Comprehensive History, Detailed Exam and Moderate Complexity MDM?
Ans: 99284

17.  Definitive Fracture Care guidelines?
Ans: To report definitive Fracture Care we need X-ray with Non-Displaced or Minimally Displaced Fracture Confirmation, any Immobilization (Ex: Splint, Sling, Post op shoe, etc.), Pain Management and Follow up more than 48 hours.

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